An Odd Spring

I’ve ignored this blog for far too long and I’ve made a promise to myself to keep you all updated in a more timely fashion. While I was finishing the edits on my latest book, The Real Thing (April 2020, Bold Strokes Books), I was also planning my promotion and marketing for the spring of 2020 when the book hits the shelves. But nothing prepared me and I suspect, you – for a pandemic. For gloves when we get the mail, and masks when we pick up our groceries from the curb or get take out from our favorite restaurant. Here in Vermont, we are very lucky and very grateful to the farmers and small local shops who have stayed open and continue to serve their communities.

There is so much to say about all of this, and yet it is also so overwhelming to sit in the middle of it – in the “I don’t know” space of what is happening. I don’t have many words about it – yet.

I can only share what we are doing in our little corner of Vermont. We are trying to be kind to everyone we talk to or screen share with. We try to get enough sleep, not watch tv news (we read our news and take it in small bites), listen to music, listen to the birds, get outside, and eat as healthy as we can. We pat Rudy Valentino the cat quite a bit. We say out loud how grateful we are for everything we have right now.

How do you promote a romance novel during a pandemic? I have no idea. Most folks I know need to save their money right now. I do know that my first book, A Chapter on Love is available to download through Overdrive and some public libraries – so all you need is a library card. If you don’t see my books available to download at your library, pass along a suggestion via your library’s Overdrive site. Your screen will look something like this:

When your search for “Laney Webber” your Overdrive account will either show my books that are available or you will get a screen like this, and you can suggest your library purchase them for the collection.

My new book, The Real Thing is a small town romance set in Vermont. Allison is a massage therapist who is happy in her job and loves where she lives, but doesn’t want to be single anymore. After an online dating betrayal, she breaks free from her usual patterns by joining the local roller derby team. Her online experience leads her by happy accident to meet Geena, the lead in a viral (in lesbian circles) web series.

At first, Geena thinks that summer fun with Allison would be something different from the women who throw themselves at her. She’d be more of a challenge. But after spending time with Allie, Geena finds herself sharing more than she ever has – with anyone.

All of my books can be ordered from your local bookstore and at these usual places:
Bold Strokes Books
Barnes and Noble

Please see the Events page for a special online literary festival with Bold Strokes Book this weekend, April 17 – 19, 2020. I’m on the “Chemistry 101” panel with Ali Vali, Elle Spencer, Fiona Riley, and Erin Zak. What a great group! And I’ll be recording an upcoming podcast with the great folks at Out in the Open which will air sometime in April/May.

One of the things I love about writing and reading romance novels is that they are full of hope. Hope and laughter are what I am finding comforting these days. For laughter I often watch Simon’s Cat videos. If you own a cat, like cats, or know a cat, these are great.

Take care, stay safe


New England Chapter Romance Writers of America Conference

May 3, 2019

I had a great time at the 2019 NECRWA Conference and met some fantastic authors. Jane C Esther and I met readers at the open signing event on Friday night. I can’t say enough good things about romance readers – the way they turn out to see their favorite authors, and all the ways they support authors both online and in person.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is necrwa-2019-close-lw-and-je-e1556885911546.jpg

I heard that readers really like the small town feel of my first romance, A Chapter on Love. My next book also takes place in a small town in New England, this time in Vermont. I’m having so much fun writing and doing research for this story – one of the women is on the local roller derby league and one woman is a web-series actor. So I ‘m a new fan of our local roller derby team, and I also get to binge-watch some terrific web-series and talk with actors.

In between writing, and cheering on the local roller derby team, I was interviewed by Anita Kelly for her podcast, Lez Talk About Books Baby! You can have a listen here and wherever you find your podcasts.

Disclaimer: (I was so excited about A Chapter on Love being released into the wild and my first podcast interview, I may have been a bit too close to my mic a few times — warning, you may want to listen at a lower volume.)

Happy Spring everyone – the leaves are just starting to bud here in Vermont and we have a new broad-winged hawk neighbor who hunts for grubs on our front lawn every sundown. One of the best neighbors we’ve had.

Getting Ready to Launch that First Book!

About a week ago my wife sent me a text at work with a photo of a cardboard box and the word “exciting.” I didn’t have my glasses on and thought it was the replacement sockets for the wrench set I bought her for Christmas. Not so exciting to me, but she was jazzed, so I went along with it.

“Did you look at the photo?” she texted back.

I put my glasses and on and enlarged the photo to see a mailing label from Bold Strokes Books, my publisher.

My phone rang. She thought I still wasn’t getting it. I got it. I had to sit down. There they were, waiting for me to get home and unbox them. My debut novel. The novel that probably took me way too long to write, but I did it. I drove home listening to some podcast to take my mind off of what was waiting for me at home.

I imagined this moment for a long time. Ever since I was about 9 years old and wrote stories at a big old mahogany desk that my parents found and somehow carried up to my third floor bedroom. I got older, but my dream never did.

Laney Webber unboxing her novel.

I’ll be able to share Jannika and Lee’s small town romance with you on February 12, 2019. I’d love to hear from you about your favorite lesbian novels, Jannika and Lee’s story, and where you find les-fic books. I have a goal of seeing lots more LGBTQ adult fiction in our public libraries, especially lesbian fiction. Use the contact form on this website or find me on


Copies of A Chapter on Love can be found at

Bold Strokes Books 
Barnes and Noble
And maybe your local library, if you offer the librarians a purchase suggestion! Then many people can share the same book.

First novel – A Chapter On Love is on the road to publication!

Last month, I received the thrilling news that my first novel, A Chapter on Love was acquired by Bold Strokes Books and will be published in 2019! I’m so happy to be part of the Bold Strokes Books team and to be working alongside such talented authors. In the next few months I’ll be editing and polishing the novel to make it the best it can be for my readers.

Here is a preview.

A Chapter on Love – Coming in 2019

Jannika Peterson arrived in Grangeton, New Hampshire, with a broken heart and a new job managing the local bookstore. She has a gift for pairing readers with the perfect books, but her matchmaking skills don’t extend to her love life. Love doesn’t stand a chance against her well-protected heart.

Eighteen years ago, Lee Thompson was Jannika’s summer camp counselor, and Lee has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the unusual name. Still healing from her wife’s sudden death, Lee hopes her new job in a new town will help her to begin a new chapter.

When Jannika and Lee reunite, their instant connection feels like a gift, but neither is ready for a second chance at love. Unable to deny their attraction, will they finally get on the same page when it comes to love?

This is a “jump up and down and twirl around” dream come true for me, as it is for many authors when they hear that publication of their novel is really going to happen. The dream is becoming reality. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. And when I discovered lesbian fiction, I dreamed of someday writing a book that readers would enjoy.

I didn’t discover lesbian fiction until my thirties. There was a wonderful lesbian bookstore in downtown Portsmouth, NH in the 1990s called Artistic Amazon, and I caught sight of the rainbow flag flying outside their door one day. I had recently come out and was hungry for information (pre-google days). I made several trips to that part of Portsmouth and must have walked up and down that street twenty times before I had the courage to walk in.

My local library card catalog gave me Rita Mae Brown’s Rubyfruit Jungle, Lisa Alther’s Other Women, and a non-fiction book by Betty Berzon, Permanent Partners. Rural New Hampshire libraries didn’t offer much, and I couldn’t afford a non-resident card from the big city library of Portsmouth. When I walked into this store and saw a large bookcase full of new books and a bottom shelf of used books – fiction – lesbian fiction – lesbian romance and lesbian mysteries, my knees wobbled.

Here they were, stories about women like me. There were more than two or three books out there. There was a community of authors, of books, of people like me.

I sat on the floor at the bottom shelf (knees were still a bit wobbly) of used books and picked Curious Wine by Katherine V. Forrest and Everything You Have by Sandra Scoppetone as a start. Those books changed my life. They gave me hope, gave me confidence, gave me great joy, and comforted me.

I still live in a rural location. I’m amazed at how many people I talk to who don’t know that lesbian fiction exists. I’d love everyone who reads lesbian fiction to suggest titles and authors to your local librarian. They want to know. I’ve talked to librarians who don’t know where to start to develop a collection of lesbian fiction for adults. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, if someone would ask for the book I’d get it, but I don’t know where to start.” We know the books and authors we love to read. Let’s tell our librarians.

Most libraries now offer downloadable ebooks and audio books. I’d ask you to offer purchase suggestions for the downloadable eBook and audio book collections of your library as well. If your librarian wants a suggestion of where to start – start with award winning novels, from the Lamda Literary Awards list.

I know that our stories are important as ever. I know they make a difference in the lives of the people who read them. I am thrilled and honored and a bit humbled to be able to call myself an author of lesbian fiction and to offer my stories to readers.

And every so often I break into a twirly dance of joy that A Chapter On Love has found a home at Bold Strokes Books. I can’t wait for 2019 when it’s released into the world!

With Gratitude,



The Purple Tent Book Group

The main character in my novel in progress (working title, A Chapter on Love) is Jannika Carlson. She is a manager of a used bookstore in New Hampshire called, The Pageturner. She runs a few book groups at the store and her favorite is The Purple Tent Book Group. All the members are lesbians. There is a real Purple Tent Book Group in New England and I’ve been a member. I didn’t want to copy that book group, I wanted to honor the women of that book group and what they’ve meant to me over the years. The members gave me their blessing to use the real name of the group in the book.


I had the great good fortune to visit with them a few weeks ago and read a book group scene from the novel. I set up the scene and assured everyone that the characters in the books as they would hear are bits and pieces of reality and make-believe. I was a bit anxious as I read and hoped they would “get” what I was trying to say with the scene. I’m happy to report that they gave me a heartfelt round of applause, then peppered me with questions about the novel.

Like the encouragement and support The Purple Tent Book group gives Jannika in my story, these women gave me the much needed boost to get back to my story and my final edits before I submit it to a publisher. Thanks Purple Tent ladies!

Girls Next Door Lesbian Romance Short Story Anthology available!

girls-next-door-lesbian-romance websizedMy story Bat Girl, is part of a new short story anthology by Bold Strokes Books titled, Girls Next Door and edited by Sandy Lowe and Stacia Seaman.  It’s available to order from Bold Strokes Books or Amazon.

From Bold Strokes Books:

Sometimes the most intriguing girls are right next door—BFFs, ex-girlfriends, new girls in town, party girls, study mates, teammates, and sexy strangers. All it takes is a night out, the right moment, or an accidental kiss to discover what’s been there all along—the perfect girl for a love that lasts a lifetime. Best-selling romance authors tell it from the heart—sexy, romantic stories of falling for the girls next door.


  • Cupcake by Georgia Beers
  • Guilty Pleasure by M. Ullrich
  • Hooper Street by Anna Larner
  • Snow Day by Missouri Vaun
  • Knocking on Haven’s Door by Brey Willows
  • Gold by Giselle Renarde
  • Love Unleashed by Karis Walsh
  • Bat Girl by Laney Webber
  • The Aisle of Lesbos by Allison Wonderland
  • Kiss Cam by Lisa Moreau
  • The Girl Next Door by Beth Burnett
  • October Moon by Sheri Lewis Wohl
  • Chemistry by Lea Daley
  • Black Out by Ronica Black
  • Dog Day of Summer by Kris Bryant
  • The Perfect Blend by Rion Woolf
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood by Aurora Rey
  • Neighbors by Elizabeth Black
  • Black Sheep by Nell Stark

It was a fun story to write and I hope you enjoy it and the other stories in this great collection!


New England Romance Writer’s Conference 2017 – April 7th & 8th

I’m headed to Burlington, MA this Friday for my very first NERWC!  The workshops sound fantastic – “Reviews: How to Get Them and How to Handle Them” – “Indelible Dialogue” – “Understanding the Neuroscience of Outstanding Love Scenes” and “Writing Romance about the Seasoned Crowd (40+).” It looks like a buffet of all my favorite foods. I can’t wait to dive in!

I’ve heard that the event organizers all wear tiaras. I may have to volunteer for that next year. I’ve felt like a displaced Princess since I was a little girl – my family will verify this, with a well-worn story or two, or fifty.

Stay tuned, I’ll be live tweeting during the conference at #nerwc #romancewriter and I’ll post some groovy photos and a blog post here when I get home. If you want to hang out with romance writers, want to be a romance writer, or love to read romance, I think there is still time to register – NERWC

Women’s Week Provincetown 2016

Women’s Week in P-Town has come and gone and I came home with a bundle of books. les-fic-booksSome from favorite authors and some from authors who are new to me. I wish I could have caught more author chats and signings, but there is still only one of me. And I know there are quite a few people who do think that one of me is quite enough, thank you.

My patient wife took a few snaps for me to share with you.