New England Chapter Romance Writers of America Conference

May 3, 2019

I had a great time at the 2019 NECRWA Conference and met some fantastic authors. Jane C Esther and I met readers at the open signing event on Friday night. I can’t say enough good things about romance readers – the way they turn out to see their favorite authors, and all the ways they support authors both online and in person.

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I heard that readers really like the small town feel of my first romance, A Chapter on Love. My next book also takes place in a small town in New England, this time in Vermont. I’m having so much fun writing and doing research for this story – one of the women is on the local roller derby league and one woman is a web-series actor. So I ‘m a new fan of our local roller derby team, and I also get to binge-watch some terrific web-series and talk with actors.

In between writing, and cheering on the local roller derby team, I was interviewed by Anita Kelly for her podcast, Lez Talk About Books Baby! You can have a listen here and wherever you find your podcasts.

Disclaimer: (I was so excited about A Chapter on Love being released into the wild and my first podcast interview, I may have been a bit too close to my mic a few times — warning, you may want to listen at a lower volume.)

Happy Spring everyone – the leaves are just starting to bud here in Vermont and we have a new broad-winged hawk neighbor who hunts for grubs on our front lawn every sundown. One of the best neighbors we’ve had.

Author: Laney Webber

Laney Webber is a writer of lesbian tales. She has worked as a librarian, a used book store clerk, an adult ed creative writing teacher. All that makes her sounds very bookish and she is, but she's also worked in a very cold stockroom, a very warm greenhouse, a very noisy elementary school cafeteria, and a very noisy shoe distribution plant. She lives in Vermont with her very patient and very grounded wife, a cat named Rudy Valentino - THE CAT, and a dog named Gracie. She is a graduate of the Golden Crown Literary Society Writing Academy, and is a member of Romance Writers of America, The League of Vermont Writers and GCLS.

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