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What people are saying about The Real Thing:

What a whirlwind! I loved this book from page one. Well developed characters, great story and just an easy read. Paula M, Netgalley reviewer

For sure makes you feel good

By Netgalley.com on Apr 25, 2020

Very easy book to read. Story about finding love by trying again, and again. Sometimes being conned give you a chance to find the perfect for you woman. This book was a little about self discovery and what makes one person happy but also about realizing what’s important. One book that for sure makes you feel good.

Reviewed by Kat Wardyla

A sweet romance with a really unique story

By Netgalley.com on Apr 1, 2020

This is a sweet romance with a really unique story how the both main characters are getting to know each other. My first thought was that I kind of liked it that Allie had to meet women online because it’s realistic. There just are not that many lesbians everywhere, especially when it’s a rural area and not a big city. Then on the other hand, Geena, who is the star of a small lesbian web series is really famous and everybody knows her…

I didn’t care for Geena much in the beginning but that changed really quickly as the author made sure there is much more to her and there is. So it was really nice to get to know Ginnie better. And Allie was a sweetheart anyway and I really liked her character…

Overall I would rate this book with 4,5 stars and I will look for more books from this author.

Reviewed by Mia Wagner