New England Romance Writer’s Conference 2017 – April 7th & 8th

I’m headed to Burlington, MA this Friday for my very first NERWC!  The workshops sound fantastic – “Reviews: How to Get Them and How to Handle Them” – “Indelible Dialogue” – “Understanding the Neuroscience of Outstanding Love Scenes” and “Writing Romance about the Seasoned Crowd (40+).” It looks like a buffet of all my favorite foods. I can’t wait to dive in!

I’ve heard that the event organizers all wear tiaras. I may have to volunteer for that next year. I’ve felt like a displaced Princess since I was a little girl – my family will verify this, with a well-worn story or two, or fifty.

Stay tuned, I’ll be live tweeting during the conference at #nerwc #romancewriter and I’ll post some groovy photos and a blog post here when I get home. If you want to hang out with romance writers, want to be a romance writer, or love to read romance, I think there is still time to register – NERWC

Author: Laney Webber

Laney Webber is a writer of lesbian tales. She has worked as a librarian, a used book store clerk, an adult ed creative writing teacher. All that makes her sounds very bookish and she is, but she's also worked in a very cold stockroom, a very warm greenhouse, a very noisy elementary school cafeteria, and a very noisy shoe distribution plant. She lives in Vermont with her very patient and very grounded wife, a cat named Rudy Valentino - THE CAT, and a dog named Gracie. She is a graduate of the Golden Crown Literary Society Writing Academy, and is a member of Romance Writers of America, The League of Vermont Writers and GCLS.

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